Okay, the title may seem like i am unimpressed, but let me break it down.


So TT connect offered me fibre, which they could never deliver on, even after being a “client” for over a year, nothing, then openserve and africahost, lets not even go there.

Then one day i get a notice in my post box, mostly hand written on a printed form, saying that LinkAfrica is doing fibre in the area and i must contact the head of the project in the area for more details, i did, immediately.

I was then told by George from LinkAfrica that they were still working on the permits from the municipality, and that the council keeps revising things (as councils do, lets be honest, we know this.)


This was on the Thursday, the next Tuesday guys were breaking ground near me, i was more than a little excited, but a bit apprehensive (my previous experience), so i called George again, and he was super excited to tell me that they had permission and they had teams in place waiting to be deployed as soon as they got permission, and it would seem they did exactly that.


So the guys started digging in the area, and they started cutting up lawns and driveways, the missus thought that they would leave a massive mess, and to an extent so did i, but reassured her, because i wanted the fibre.


But we were wrong, the guys installing and laying the cables put grass, driveways and lawns back so well, that i honestly couldn’t tell where they had dug up, there was no noise, no mess, it was like a dream.


Fast forward 2 weeks (it takes a while to lay the cables and all guys), and then i was speaking to the guys to install, they did such an amazing job, and truly amazing, they arranged for me to get signed up with Mweb and the configured in record time, and this was all me being the first customer in the area, and the first customer with Mweb on LinkAfricas network, and yes there were some teething issues, but thats to be expected, i was not patient and was pushing everyone to get it done faster, as well as, im the first client and they rushed to much to get me going before i even had a client profile.


Long story short, the guys at LinkAfrica performed miracle after miracle, in 3 months i have had 4 hours downtime total, and that was planned maintenance, and it was even up before the time they said it would be up. The install team was fast and efficient, and friendly, my 200mb line is NEVER congested and i never have loss or anything.


So to sun this up, LinkAfrica is an amazing provider, and when i move i’m going to make sure i only move to LinkAfrica covered areas, as my experience has been nothing but Bliss.


To sum this whole thing up, LinkAfrica is (in my opinion) the best fibre provider in SA, they were quick, honest (big thing for me), accommodating and did a PERFECT job.


So guys, check out their coverage map https://portal.linkafrica.co.za/map/map.php and sign up, you will not be sorry.





I am not affiliated in any way to LinkAfrica or any of their partners in any way, i am just a happy customer.


Thanks for reading


Owner of 004.co.za, streamer and pain in my wifes butt, and definitely not a writer (as you can surely tell)

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